Natural Stone Tiles Richmond Hill – Naturally Beautiful

If you are trying to find the right natural stone tiles for your Richmond Hill renovation project, knowing what to look for is the first step in getting tiles that will not only look spectacular, but also last for years to come. The first key to keeping your gorgeous tile looking its best is making sure to use the right tile for your application. Knowing how each selection of tile wears and what it takes to maintain your chosen natural stone material will ensure that your investment will always look its showroom best. Secondly, maintaining your natural stone properly will guarantee its stunning beauty and longevity for many years to come.
Choose the Right Tile for the Job
While you can certainly select any type of natural stone you like to complete your flooring project, knowing a little about how natural stone absorbs moisture and how it wears can make the difference between a beautiful floor that will always look brand new, and a tile job you wish you had never invested in. Natural stone varieties come with varying levels of absorption. Therefore you might not want, for instance, to have a non-vitreous tile in your bathroom, kitchen or entranceway. Non-vitreous tile has a high absorption rate, and therefore using it in an area that you know will be subject to a lot of moisture or wet messes will leave it more susceptible to staining and damage. Non-vitreous tiles that are used in an area where there is moisture and probability of freezing are also prone to cracking. This would not be the best use of your tile budget. Keep in mind however that there are non-vitreous natural stone tiles that are treated to withstand moisture as well. It is not uncommon to see non-vitreous tiles very beautifully and adequately used in a shower stall for instance.
Choose Tile with Maintenance in Mind
Now that we are thinking of all the beautiful pieces of tile that will fit in the project area we are working on, we have to next think of how the tile is to be maintained. Is the tile you have chosen for your kitchen floor for instance going to withstand all of the spills and messes a kitchen encounters on a daily basis? Also ask yourself how this tile will react to being cleaned on a regular basis. Countertop tiles especially have the need to be durable and withstand regular cleaning and disinfecting. Your tile comes to you in pristine and glorious beauty. Maintaining that beauty throughout its lifetime depends on how the tile is used and cared for. Be sure to take the advice of a professional at your natural stone tile store in Richmond Hill. Learning how your tile will wear, how it should be maintained, and whether or not you have chosen the right stone for the area you want to use it are all important points that your local natural stone experts will be able to answer for you. The long lasting beauty of your natural stone tile investment is counting on it.